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London Fly By

One of our friends recently did a helicopter tour over Central London, and raved about how awesome it was to view the city from above. Unfortunately like the Muppet he is he didn’t film it for us to see.

So we have scoured you tube and found the below for you, which should give an idea of what it is like. We certainly liked the idea, and plan on doing our own flyby next time we visit London.

Hope you enjoyed it?

Edinburgh Castle

Great things to do in Edinburgh

The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is not only one of Scotland’s most popular destinations but also the UK’s. It has long been a favorite destination for both British travelers but also those from further afield.

We love Edinburgh we have visited on several occasions and have absolutely loved it every time. If you haven’t yet been you really are missing out. We highly recommend you add it to your list of must visit places.

Why you may be asking well, there are loads of reasons, below are a few we think are absolute must things to do when you visit Edinburgh.

5 absolute must do’s in Edinburgh

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Weekend in Hong Kong

On a recent trip to further afield (Australia), we decided to break up the long flights by stopping in Hong Kong for the weekend. This is a great idea, and one we highly recommend when traveling further afield. For starters flying for 20+ hours is just unbearable, and secondly you get to see another destination for very little extra money. This is one of our favorite tips for saving money on flight.

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