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Edinburgh Castle

Great things to do in Edinburgh

The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is not only one of Scotland’s most popular destinations but also the UK’s. It has long been a favorite destination for both British travelers but also those from further afield.

We love Edinburgh we have visited on several occasions and have absolutely loved it every time. If you haven’t yet been you really are missing out. We highly recommend you add it to your list of must visit places.

Why you may be asking well, there are loads of reasons, below are a few we think are absolute must things to do when you visit Edinburgh.

5 absolute must do’s in Edinburgh

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An Insight Into our Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list, whether they care to admit it or not? Most people probably haven’t actually thought of it as an organized list as such, just a few recurring thoughts and dreams they have to go somewhere or do something.

A lot of people will periodically update their lists as they get older and change as people, so do their priorities, when maybe once clubbing all night in Ibiza may have been a top priority, as we get older it has slowly slipped further down the list.

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