Strange foods we’ve eaten

One of the big things about traveling is trying things you would not normally try, and we are never ones to shy away from the weird and wonderful. We will try anything once.

Some of the things we have eaten on our travels certainly raises the odd eyebrow, especially when we bring it up over a dinner party with friends.

So we’d thought we would share a few with you guys, hope we don’t ruin your appetite?

1 – Crickets – A very popular snack around most Asian Countries, great with an ice cold beer.

2 – Snails – Very popular in Europe, especially France, great with a garlic butter sauce. Also very popular in french colonies around the world

3 – Frogs – Another favorite of the French, tastes a little like chicken ( a very popular analogy but its true in this case)

4 – Cockroaches Another Asian snack, again very popular in bars, did you know cockroaches are actually farmed for food in Asia. We didn’t like the way they pop in your mouth, made us squelch a little

5 – Grubs – Great source of protein and consumed all over the world. Grubs are actually consumed and legal in many more countries than you would imagine. In fact you’ve probably eaten them and not really noticed. They are commonly used to pack out meat products in many western countries.

So do you fancy any of these, to be honest once you get over the initial fear, and just put them in your mouth they’re not that bad. Would we eat them again? Well some of them yes, crickets for example make a great snack when they’re deep fried and crispy, a bit like your having crisps with cold beer.

Almost everywhere you travel you will be faced with foods you not encountered before, not all will be a strange as those above, so be brave and give them a try. Its all part of the experience of traveling.

Whats the strangest thing you have ever eaten?