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An unusual break

I have just decided to book another holiday, not my normal holiday one I’ve never booked before… a luxurious week long escape at an all inclusive resort from a package holiday supplier.

Most trips I take almost always center around one objective, hiking, adventure, food, culture, sightseeing or something else. Almost always they are far from relaxing and involve a lot of fairly hectic activities, after all, I always try to get the most out of my travel.

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Strange foods we’ve eaten

One of the big things about traveling is trying things you would not normally try, and we are never ones to shy away from the weird and wonderful. We will try anything once.

Some of the things we have eaten on our travels certainly raises the odd eyebrow, especially when we bring it up over a dinner party with friends.

So we’d thought we would share a few with you guys, hope we don’t ruin your appetite?

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Weekend in Hong Kong

On a recent trip to further afield (Australia), we decided to break up the long flights by stopping in Hong Kong for the weekend. This is a great idea, and one we highly recommend when traveling further afield. For starters flying for 20+ hours is just unbearable, and secondly you get to see another destination for very little extra money. This is one of our favorite tips for saving money on flight.

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