Who are we

….and why should you read our blog? Good questions.

Well firstly we a group of avid travelers, who have been almost everywhere we could possibly have ever dreamed of going when we first started out on journey. That was back in 1995, when a few of us woke up hungover one summer Sunday and just decided there and then to spend the rest of the summer backpacking around the Greek Islands.

That summer working on ferries and sleeping on beaches all over the Greek archipelago is still one of the best trips we’ve had. In a similar fashion to other addictions, we have been “chasing the dragon” ever since. Desperately trying to relive the highs and lows of that amazing summer.

We aren’t a group of wealthy middle ager’s with unlimited funds who spend the whole year jetting off here and there, staying in 5 star hotels. No we are just like everyone else, some have mortgages, some run business while a few have family commitments. Whilst the amount of time we can spend wandering the world has diminished due to the above commitments, we don’t let it defeat us.

Every conceivable opportunity we can, we spend planning or living out our dream of traveling. In order to maximize the number of trips we can fit in, we spend a lot of time planning and researching. The attention to detail we put into travel planning, would make our bosses extremely jealous we don’t approach work with the same attitudes. Shhhhhhh don’t tell them.

So back to the blog and why you may be interested in what we have to say, well not only may you be interested in our stories and photo’s from our trips. You will more than likely be interested in our budgeting and planning techniques. We are not entirely about doing everything on a shoe string, but we are big on value and maximizing every penny spent. It’s all about getting the most experience from every dollar spent. After all why are we slaving away 45/50 hours a week, to waste it on over priced experiences.

So stay tuned and we hope you enjoy the stories and more importantly the tips we share. If you have any ideas, or even a blog post you’d like to share, do get in touch with us, and we’ll have a chat.

Hope you enjoy, and if you do please let your friends know about the blog. Or better still give us a share on your social media.