Emirates are they the worlds best airline

As you have probably guessed by now, we love traveling and Asia is one of our favorite destinations. On a recent trip we decided to fly with Emirates airlines. We had flown them many years ago, but for some reason or another never used them again.

One of our friends recently advised us that they consider Emirates airlines to be one of the best in the world, if not the best airline.

So we had a look at their website, and to our delight they were having a massive seat sale. So we quickly jumped into planning mode. We had a few destinations and dates in mind and when digging a little deeper into the sale, we discovered we had two options to choose from.

First option was China, our plan here was to fly into Shanghai and back from Beijing, both of which were included in the sale. Second choice was a trip to Kuala Lumpur (which has been on the wish list for a very long time).

Choosing between the two options was not easy, both held an equal weight in our heads. So it basically came down to price, not just flight price but the total cost for the trip including hotels and sights.

A Review of Emirates Airlines

Well after all our considerations it transpired that the trip to China was the one to go for. In total it would cost slightly more than KL, but for that little extra we would get so much more in.

At the airport (Manchester in this case)

they got off to a great start, firstly we had checked in online in advance of arriving at the airport and pre-selected our seats. We did not choose our seats before check in as this is an additional extra, instead if you choose at check in its free. Although choice will be slightly limited.

At the airport all we had to do was go to bag drop, at which there was no queue so the whole process took less than 20 minutes. Remember those horrid old days of queuing at the airport check-in for 2/3hrs? We do and not very fondly.

Next on the journey is getting through the security, this is always the most dreaded part of any journey in our minds. Although we fully understand the need for tight security and do fully endorse any airport that takes it a serious as the matter deserves. In fact at Manchester Airport it wasn’t as bad as expected, and the whole process from dropping bags to being air side was around 40 minutes. Although efficient we went through a full process.

For those that are interested Manchester airport has a decent selection of shops and restaurants to bide your time before boarding.

On board our Emirates flight airbus A380

One of the main things we had discovered about Emirates when researching was they consistently have one of the youngest fleets in the sky. This should really be no surprise, whenever there is a large airshow, the major deal announced will pretty much always include Emirates purchase of so many new planes.

Firstly the boarding was on time, and fairly well organized. They board economy passengers by row number so it’s not a mad scramble to get on board.

Once on board we were pleasantly surprised by the interior, it certainly looked like a brand new plane. The staff were also very welcoming as we boarded.

The seat we had were the window and middle in a set of 3 seats, about half way through the cabin. The seat was very comfortable and plenty of leg room, they advertise a seat pitch of 35inches, which is one of the best around. As with any flight our first instinct is to check out the menu for the in flight service. It seemed pretty appealing, but then it always does, we will cover this a bit later in our review.

Entertainment wise we were spoiled for choice, the on demand system had a choice of over 80 movies, of which at least 10 were brand new movies still in the cinema back home. On top of this they have a selection of shows such as friends to watch. Quite simply we were not bored during the flight.

The meal service was as good as you can expect for airline food, there is only a certain standard you can achieve serving food at 30,00feet. It was to say the least as good as any other airline we have flown. On top of the dinner and breakfast served at set times, it is possible to get drinks and snacks through the flight as you require.

Overall we enjoyed the experience onboard very much.

The Transfer at Dubai

This is always the dreaded part for us, when flying via a hub airport. The transfer for those that don’t know is getting off one plane and boarding your next plane to the final destination. The time you have for this connection can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 12hours. It all depends on the flights you have booked.

Personally we don’t like too short or too long, if it is an airport we are not to familiar with then we like at least 2hrs. This means we a re not in mad rush, and can stretch our legs a little. In this case we had 1 hour 45mins.

We have to give praise to both Emirates and Dubai airport here, this was one of the smoothest transfers we have ever had. Very well sign posted and very easy to find out next gate. Thinking about it we reckon you cold easily transfer here in under an hour.

We had time for a wander and stretch our legs little.

The next flight and return were of a similar standard.

Overall review

Generally we would certainly agree that Emirates is up there with the best airlines in the world. We would certainly have no issues flying them in the future.

Would go all out to choose this airline, probably not. We base our choice on a multitude of factors, price being a big one, then second flight time and routes. But if all things were equal we would choose them over other airlines.