Author: Sonia Brewer

An unusual break

I have just decided to book another holiday, not my normal holiday one I’ve never booked before… a luxurious week long escape at an all inclusive resort from a package holiday supplier.

Most trips I take almost always center around one objective, hiking, adventure, food, culture, sightseeing or something else. Almost always they are far from relaxing and involve a lot of fairly hectic activities, after all, I always try to get the most out of my travel.

Recently I had a discussion with a friend of mine on the downfalls and benefits of different types of break. You see she much prefers doing absolutely nothing on holiday apart from soaking up some rays and reading a good book or two, all whilst being waited on hand and foot.

Now don’t get me wrong I didn’t think there was anything wrong with this choice, it’s just not normally me. Anyway in my usual spirit of trying everything at least once, I said I would join her on one of her holidays.

The funny thing about holidays is that sometimes booking them seems to add stress. For example, people often book their two week break, and then spend months telling others (before and after) that they can’t afford anything else because they have just paid for/been on their holidays (which of course must include a whole new wardrobe and toiletry stock up). There are also those that worry about their work, either before they go, desperately trying to tie up ALL lose ends (they can’t possibly delegate), or whilst away, or when they come back to hundreds of emails. This kind of thinking is what makes some believe they can’t take a break at all.

I agree with the above statement I came across, and this holiday seemed true. I spent most of the lead up to this holiday worrying if i would enjoy it, what would I do all day?, would i be bored? This seemed to get me over stressed before I even got on the plane. For a holiday that was supposed to be completely relaxing and de-stress me things did not look good before we even left the UK.

So how did it go?

Well surprisingly I actually enjoyed it, although I am glad I didn’t commit to longer than a week, otherwise I may have gone a little insane.

For what it said it does on the tin “a relaxing, stress free week to recharge” it delivered on all fronts. Everything was taken care of, our only decisions we had to make, were what to eat and when.

We spent 7 completely chilled out days next to the pool, reading and chatting, no stress, no work and no worries. The weather was amazing, the food average but plentiful, and of course the greatest relaxer of them all the drinks, these were free flowing and strong.

I would certainly do again at some point in the future, and probably enjoy it. But for now I am back to my usual travel planing of experiencing culture, food and places. Maybe the perfect trip could involve both types of break. a hectic week or two visiting sights, and experiencing all i can fit in, followed by a few days relaxing at a luxury spa. Now this could be the way forward……Hmmmm



Strange foods we’ve eaten

One of the big things about traveling is trying things you would not normally try, and we are never ones to shy away from the weird and wonderful. We will try anything once.

Some of the things we have eaten on our travels certainly raises the odd eyebrow, especially when we bring it up over a dinner party with friends.

So we’d thought we would share a few with you guys, hope we don’t ruin your appetite?

1 – Crickets – A very popular snack around most Asian Countries, great with an ice cold beer.

2 – Snails – Very popular in Europe, especially France, great with a garlic butter sauce. Also very popular in french colonies around the world

3 – Frogs – Another favorite of the French, tastes a little like chicken ( a very popular analogy but its true in this case)

4 – Cockroaches Another Asian snack, again very popular in bars, did you know cockroaches are actually farmed for food in Asia. We didn’t like the way they pop in your mouth, made us squelch a little

5 – Grubs – Great source of protein and consumed all over the world. Grubs are actually consumed and legal in many more countries than you would imagine. In fact you’ve probably eaten them and not really noticed. They are commonly used to pack out meat products in many western countries.

So do you fancy any of these, to be honest once you get over the initial fear, and just put them in your mouth they’re not that bad. Would we eat them again? Well some of them yes, crickets for example make a great snack when they’re deep fried and crispy, a bit like your having crisps with cold beer.

Almost everywhere you travel you will be faced with foods you not encountered before, not all will be a strange as those above, so be brave and give them a try. Its all part of the experience of traveling.

Whats the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

Weekend in Hong Kong

On a recent trip to further afield (Australia), we decided to break up the long flights by stopping in Hong Kong for the weekend. This is a great idea, and one we highly recommend when traveling further afield. For starters flying for 20+ hours is just unbearable, and secondly you get to see another destination for very little extra money. This is one of our favorite tips for saving money on flight.

We found an awesome flight deal on kayak on with Cathay Pacific from Manchester, the flights were by far the best value with only one stop. The route was Manchester to Hong Kong then onto Sydney.

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