An Insight Into our Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list, whether they care to admit it or not? Most people probably haven’t actually thought of it as an organized list as such, just a few recurring thoughts and dreams they have to go somewhere or do something.

A lot of people will periodically update their lists as they get older and change as people, so do their priorities, when maybe once clubbing all night in Ibiza may have been a top priority, as we get older it has slowly slipped further down the list.

We make a concerted effort to check as many things off the list as possible whenever the opportunity arises (which is no that frequent anymore). And for those times when we cant actually tick anything off, or even travel for that matter, then the list provides us with a little escapism. We often sit down over a good a meal, a few bottles of good wine, and go through each other lists, coming up with new ideas, updating old ones and generally dreaming of what we could be up to rather than reality.

So after one of these “get together” recently we decided it would be a good idea to share some of our list with you our readers. You might get some ideas to add to your own lists, or maybe you have already done some of these and this will bring back some memories?

These are all items from the list we have yet to achieve, but hope to soon. The list is no particular order of importance.

Brazilian Carnival

The carnival in Brazil has long been on our list of must see events, ever since being children, the bright colors and the carnival atmosphere has gripped us.

We are hoping to maybe combine this with a bigger trip to South America Inc the Inca Trail (which is another item on the list.

Day of the Dead (Mexican Festival)

People with their faces painted to look like the popular Mexican figure called “Catrina” take part in the annual Catrina Fest in Mexico City November 1, 2015. According to participants, about 310 women gathered at the Catrina Fest, where women dressed to look like “Catrina”, a character also known as “The Elegant Death”, created by Guadalupe Posada in the early 1900s. Mexicans celebrate the annual Day of the Dead on November 1 and 2. REUTERS/Carlos Jasso – RTX1UB65

At first glance at the name “Festival of the Dead” you would be forgiven for thinking what on earth is this and why would someone want to visit?

It is actually not as dark or satanic as it first appears, it is a Mexican holiday in which the family and friends that have deceased are celebrated. More like a carnival in atmosphere.

It is a truly remarkable sight ( you’ve probably seen versions on the TV alot, it has featured in several movies inc James Bond)

Inca trail

An absolute must for most serious travelers/explorers the Inca Trail is a 26mile journey to the “lost city of the Incas” or Machu Pichu. The Inca trail is located in Peru, and is booked up most of the time, they have very strict limits in numbers allowed at anyone time, to protect the trail.

This one will need some serious planning from our side, as we want to tie it up with the Carnival.

Christ the Redeemer

Not only is this another South American destination on the list its another Brazilian one. When we actually get around to planning and executing this trip it has the potential to be amazing. Located in the Brazilian city of Rio De Janeiro, most of you readers will know the statue. The giant Jesus that overlooks the bay. Its constantly featured on TV.

Forbidden City (CHINA)

China as a whole is on the list, but especially the Forbidden city, I have seen so many documentaries regarding this place, I have always been fascinated by it. Quite how they built such a complex city/palace so long ago has alays fascinated me.

Terracotta Warriors (Xian China)

Ever since a little boy, and the “terracotta warriors” came to the UK, I have been obsessed with going to see them. We tried when they came to the UK but the tickets sold out faster than a Pink Floyd reunion and we sadly missed out.

But if I do get to go to China and see them in the place they were discovered then all the better. At the time of writing the farmer who first discovered them is still alive, and it is possible to meet him and have him a copy of the book about the discovering (best get moving on this one)

Orangutan Sanctuary (Borneo)

I think this one will already be on a lot of peoples list? The Orangutan Sanctuary in Borneo, is a charity that homes a rehabilitates Orangutan’s that have lost their natural habitat to deforestation. They sanctuary are world leaders in conservation.

Is possible to stay at the sanctuary for a few months as a volunteer and help out with the daily chores (mucking out, cleaning etc). This gives you the perfect opportunity to learn more about these magnificent creatures and their conservation.